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London based & working Nationally

SPT pannist, London

How did you generally feel before starting steel pan? (low mood or other problems affecting you)

"I was in the process of recovering from an episode of depression and anxiety that had lasted for over a year. I was signed off of work and was under the care of a team of health professionals. My symptoms were making it difficult to feel enjoyment during my usual every-day activities, such as going out, meeting up with friends and taking care of myself. Gradually my motivation to do these things decreased and my anxiety increased so I became fairly isolated".


If you would recommend steelpan, why?  

Steel pan is an excellent outlet for stress. It is very easy to learn if you are a beginner, the instructors can ease you into it, or give you more challenging parts if you can manage them. You leave every session with a sense of accomplishment and an extra 'pep in your step."


Mixed senior school, Head of Music

“The children work really hard for this (showcase) event, I don’t have to do much at all, they are so keen! The band today is a real mix, some children here are also good traditional musicians, we have level 5 and 6 clarinet, violin, guitar, drummer.   We also have one or two with behavioural issues, but they are all totally committed to the steel band.  


The school has several music groups, but steel pan is the ‘go to’ band when we have an event – they are so quickly ready to perform. The steel band has great recruitment as many children want to do it.  The tutor runs a whole morning of classes. I’m a classically trained musician, so steel pan is entirely foreign to me, but I think it’s great and the Headteacher is supportive.”


Primary school, safeguarding Lead

“the children enjoy presenting and seeing other performers (at the showcase). Steel pan also helps with behaviour as the children focus and concentrate in class. And it’s a confidence booster for shy kids.”

Output & Input  

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