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Young at Heart


(Covid-19 activities):


Beginners Online FAMILY

“I’m already thinking I’m going to soooo miss my session when it’s done - I had to bring myself back to the moment and remember to keep enjoying in the moment.”


“I was feeling anxious most of today and to take my mind off how I was feeling I jumped on the pan for escapism - lifted me.”


“So far the Course is very interesting and informative.   I am finding the theory lessons very exciting and looking forward to learning complete songs in the near future.”

“Great job teaching to play the steelpan on line, especially at this time when Covid-19 is disrupting social meetings.”


“Playing steel pan online has made me very happy, uplifted and calm.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed playing online, being able to mute myself out and practice while our teacher was working with another member of the class was really benifitual in speed of learning what I was being taught.”


“I am enjoying the course. My problem is I have an old Pan, which is called Invader the other players have 4th & 5th Pan The Tutor is teaching on a 4th & 5th Pan. Its takes some time for me to find the notes on the pan as the pattern playing on the pan is completely different. However once I have mastered the invader Pan I should be able to play the 4th & 5th pan.”


“We had fun, very mentally challenging and helps with Alzheimer’s.”


“Thank you for info. This is great. I am so busy and stressed these days, this is the best way to relax and think of something nice.”


“I am so glad to have found your organisation and so happy to attend the free class. That’s why I want to show my appreciation and donate a little thing, is it possible via paypal?”


“The Tutor pitch it just right listening to each person play.”


Andre White advance class

“I felt nervous at the beginning and as the lesson went on I felt at home and comfortable with the teaching. It was great to learn more about the steel pan. Also the teaching was at a perfect pace and I enjoyed it very much.”


“I am loving this learning process.”


“Who knew you could do so much online and what an honour to work with Andre White, this would have never happened outside the pandemic and I am so pleased.”


“I was so glad to learn that you were not just offering tuition for beginners and this really made a difference to my lockdown experience, thank you.”



Steelpan Immersion

“I have just opened the envelope you sent to me last week. What a surprise! I found the colourful ‘Certificate of Achievement’ and lovely, cute steel pan magnet gift. This is so nice, I have to say that I am really deeply touched with both. To say again, it was a great pleasure to be a part of such amazing program and idea to run this exciting course in such difficult time. I would like to thank you for organising this course, for your patience, encouragement and for helping us to feel so comfortable throughout the course. Big thanks, of course for bringing in the great Sean Thomas to be our teacher during the course, what an amazing experience!!! I am so grateful for his inspirational teaching, smiling to all of us all the way from Trinidad and Tobago every Saturday. I believe I share the same experience and opinion with all other people who were attending this course. Wish you all the best in future work and projects.”


“It made me more enthusiastic to continue practicing steel pan and to take part in other steel pan activities.”


“I love playing steel pan and always enjoy playing.”


“Lockdown has been really hard because steel bands have not been able to meet and play together.  So this Steel Pan Immersion course has been really good because it has allowed me to learn about my Tenor pan and go back to basics and learn scales in a different way.”

“I have benefited from being in the Foundation and Advanced group.  This has helped cement what is being learned. “


“There was a lot of information at the start but it is all starting to come together and as someone who can read music I have really appreciated having all the scales written out with the notes and hands to use to remind me when I am practicing and work on sticking technique.”


“It is nice to learn things that are not normally taught in the pan yard.”


“I have really enjoyed being part of this course.  Thanks to Sean and Shareen for offering this free course.  I will definitely recommend it to others and now I have learnt all these things I am sure it will improve my playing in the future.”


“Sean is very knowledgeable and willing to share his experience with us in an informative and passionate way.”


“ I have found the exercises quite hard but it’s learning new techniques and I’m enjoying the challenge.”


“I’m used to playing the guitar pan and learning pieces only to perform so I’m really enjoying learning a new pan (tenor) and receiving top tutoring on pan techniques. Unlike the others I am an absolute beginner on the tenor pan and I find everyone very encouraging and am learning from their comments too. I do want to do the advanced course however as I’m STILL working on all the C and C# various scales, I would want to do the course after the next, by which time I will be way more confident and proficient in everything I have learnt in foundation and ready for advanced. I prefer playing along with Sean than solo. Solo takes too long and together is great practice. It would be great if we could play a piece together.”


“I look forward to the Saturday Zoom classes!  I enjoy learning scales and technique.  It feels as though this is an important foundation for future learning.”


“Thank you both again for running the course, I feel like I learned a lot but I also feel that the full impact will happen over the next few weeks as I work through all the exercises and they find their way into my playing. It was a very positive thing to do during lock down and as I mentioned before the unexpected bonus was making new friends and learning from their experiences in pan world too. Sussex Steel are rehearing for the first time in months today, so I will still have something nice to do this afternoon. Thanks again.”


“Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time you have taken to create this course. I loved it.”


“Thank you for running the course.”


“I am really enjoying the course and certainly has given me something else to concentrate on at this time.”


“This was a great session. I feel much more relaxed, happier and our teacher is amazing.”


“Very happy, learning a lot of technique and theoretical aspects. Thanks a lot for putting these sessions on.”

“The inclusion of hand movements on worksheets, similar to how fingering is provided when first learning piano, is proving very helpful. It makes practice more efficient as the best way to play any scale is already provided and it prevents bad habits from developing which would be harder to break later when similar passages appear in music being learnt.”


‘Thank you for the opportunity to learn from an expert player.”


“I think you are providing an amazing opportunity for students to learn more about the technical aspects of music and how that specifically relates to steel pan. I jumped at the chance to take part in this course because I recognise it was exactly what I need to move my playing forward. After two lessons I can already feel a greater knowledge and appreciation of amazing instrument. The online learning method gives me the opportunity to meet other players from around the world, to learn from their experience and develop a wider network of steel pan friends. Sean is engaging teacher and I would highly recommend him and this course.”


“thanks for setting up the sessions. I know it’s only been one, but it’s been really interesting.”


“Thank you both for a great lesson today.”

Output & Impact

Emina Certificate picture

St. Pancras Steel Pan: 60 Years on Celebrating 60th Anniversary of

Carnival at St Pancres Town Hall held by Claudia Jones

Comments from adult pannists:

“It is very easy to learn if you are a beginner, the instructors can ease you into it, or give you more challenging parts if you can manage them. You leave every session with a sense of accomplishment and an extra 'pep in your step.”


“I chose steel pan as it also has a physical aspect that other instruments do not. Playing the steel pan gives my arms and legs a workout while satisfying my love of playing and listening to music.”


“I was able to get ready and leave the house even when my mood was very low and I always left feeling much better. Steel pan sessions became one of the few activities I engaged in regularly.”


“Learning new songs helps to distract you, as you are totally focused on the lesson. Hitting the pans also help to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. You leave the lesson feeling euphoric, which lasts for hours afterwards.”


“My son and I played together for a while, but he had other sporting commitments which took precedence. However, I continued to play because I found playing steel pan to be a great stress relief – for the two hour session it would take my mind off any worries or anxieties in my day to day life and I could immerse myself in learning the notes to play for a couple of hours hence my nickname of #pantherapy .”


“I’ve found that playing steel pan has made me more productive in my business because I would come out of my class buzzing and be in a great place to do an hour of business activity, also with my increasing memory and mental stimulation involved in playing pan.”


“Its really great to see how we have struggled to learn a song initially to getting it under our belt. Really rewarding feeling and feeling proud of ourselves individually and as a group.”


“When I initially started I was a little apprehensive – could I do, would I hold the rest of the group up etc. But it really wasn’t like that.  It was really good to play.”


Comments from professionals:

“The Steel Pan Trust embodies co-production in action as instantly an ‘us’ is built when complete strangers come together and play a few rhythms and tunes.  It creates community cohesion and lets people create something beautiful together which they might never have imagined beforehand.”


“It has been refreshing and uplifting to see everyone so engaged, focused working in synergy and connecting to each other through the universal language of music. One participant said that she felt elated by her participation in the workshop and would like to participate on a regular basis to this type of experiential workshop.”  


“The children enjoy presenting and seeing other performers. (steelpan) also helps with behaviour as the children focus and concentrate in class. And it’s a confidence booster for shy kids. “


“We have several school bands but steelpan is the ‘go to’ band when we have an event – they are so quickly ready to perform. The steel band has great recruitment as many kids want to do it.  The tutor runs classes an entire morning. I’m a classically trained musician, so steelpan is entirely foreign to me, but I think its great and the Headteacher is supportive.”


“I think steel pan is the most wonderful thing for children to learn because it suits people of all abilities, academically and physically. And it means they don’t have to read music, they internalise their musicianship and they play from memory and its absolutely wonderful for their education.”


’“Beautiful community-building event. Wonderful to see all ages co-operating & enjoying creating music – pleasing sound in a very short time! Enjoyed learning the history of steel pan. Would happily bring children along to next event.”


“It was really great learning to play steel pan today.”


“I loved playing the steel pan so much fun now I feel like a real Trinidadian – lol.”


“Steel drums is always so joyful, I love the sound.”


“Great! So much fun and hard work. Yes!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I felt a bit nervous, but the moment I got going it was such fun! Life affirming! Yes – would love to play again!”


“it was surprisingly fun. Really enjoyed it. Yes! Have a little bit more fun with it”


“Brilliant! Very interactive, interesting to learn something new + it was relaxing after a long day! Yes!”


“Fantastic, well-taught and enjoyable. Amazing food. Yes! I would like to play again.”


“fun and informative, yes. Happy with the way it was taught.”


“Brilliant! organised fun + tasty! Great to be part of a orchestra.”


“Absolutely amazing! You make it easy and enjoyable to learn! Wanted to learn for 30 yrs! Love it! Would love lessons (would change) Nothing.”


“Very nice event, helping young people. All good.  Yes. (would change) Nothing.”



“We need more like this not just for black history month. I enjoyed myself & learned something new which I’d like to continue! I would not change a thing.”


“A very good event. THANK YOU. The friendliest-welcoming we all experienced. Yes. Keep going & growing.”


“It was incredible, I had a ball & wish I could do it on a regular basis! The team were wonderful and I’d like to say a huge thank you to the organisers & teachers.”


“Excellent. Yes. More often and longer.”


“I absolutely loved this event! The support team were great and it was a lot of fun for all ages, ethnicities and abilities. (very inclusive) Yes definitely. Bring more friends/family next time.”


“Had a lot of fun. Was a nice, friendly & relaxed environment. Yes.”


“Great fun felt relaxed happy.  Again? yes if in this kind of environment. ps loved the food too.”


“Happy Ellated Energetic. Yes. (would change) Nothing.”


“Lovely experience for all ages. Made to feel very welcome. Have more of these sessions. Very upbeat + brings community together.”


“Loved it. Such a beautiful experience! Yes!”


“Today’s event was enriching and an enjoyable.  Good work – you should work in schools as well. Pioneer it to be part of the curriculum in music lessons. Well done guys.”


“Lovely community event.”


“Clear Instructions, perfect timings. Yes. (would change) Nothing.”


“I play a full drumkit and have wanted to learn steel pan for decades. Would love to have lessons. Very good workshop and inspiring. Thanks.”




“Loved the steel pan lesson It was so much fun please lets do it again. Great teachers thank you so much.”


Greenford FAMILY

“I love that although these sessions are aimed at children and young people that in more recent times you made it accessible for families it has really brought me and my daughters closer together.”


“I have been attending this 2014 I am now at secondary school and still enjoy the sessions and really enjoy meeting new people even if they only come for 1-2 sessions.”


“Great after school activity my children really enjoy it and it has really improved their music learning at school according to their teacher”.


“I love learning steel pan”.


“This year we was introduced to African drumming and Tamboo Bamboo I like that it means absolutely anyone can take part because there is so many options and they combine and sound so lovely”.

Corn certificate picture

"They were both good. Steelpan Immersion concentrated in the whole tone scale while Andre concentrated on the diatonic scale. I enjoyed learning both scales. I wanted to learn about the approach notes and then Andre taught us how to incorporate it in our playing so it was a win win for me. I learnt so much from Andre's class in the 4 weeks.


Im now having drumming lessons with Sean. Something that would never have happened if i hadn't joined the class so thank you so much for putting on these sessions.


I encouraged my sister Bernita:) to join Andre's session as I really enjoyed Seans session and she loved it as you saw.


We played at our harvest service at church last Sunday and our parents could hear the difference in our playing which was great.


Its been an amazing summer pan wise for me. Thanks again Shareen. God bless you and your team.  You are doing an amazing job!"