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Find out how you can add the sweet sounds of steel pan to your life!

“Steel Pan For Everyone”

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About us


Steel Pan Trust arts charity shares steel pan music with new audiences because we see the positive impact and know it makes people happy.


We provide tuition, live performances and musical showcases.


People of all ages and cultures enjoy playing steel pan and UK audiences love hearing the happy music. Today there are many fantastic bands throughout the UK and we believe this is because steel pan is an authentic folk music which appeals to people everywhere.


You don’t need to read sheet music to start playing steel pan and progress is fast.  Steel Pan Trust is not a band and knows many fantastic pannists, tutors and tuners who help us deliver projects.  We encourage people to support their local steelband so they can progress their practice with some excellent musicians and make many new ‘pan friends’.


We want everyone to take part in music making because we agree with the 2017 APPG research, Creative Health, the Arts for Health & Well-being, ”Arts engagement can lessen the impact of health inequalities and mitigate the effects of an adverse environment by tackling chronic distress, enabling self-expression and overcoming social isolation.”


Our charity depends on our generous donors, supporters and volunteers.  We appreciate every donation because they help us continue to deliver projects and make more people happy across our communities.


Founded informally in 2007 by pannist and businesswoman Shareen Gray to raise funds to hold a competition for young steel pan soloists. The event quickly grew its activity and audiences and in 2013 registered with the charity commission.


The trustees have recently commenced the NCVO Trusted Quality standards.  Formerly known as PQASSO, the standards assess 11 key areas of running a charity. The assessment reviews; safety, policies, legal compliance, financial management, involving service-users & measuring impact and much more.  The trustees are fully committed so that all our supporters, donors, partners, pannists & their families can continue in confidence that Steel Pan Trust is a reputable organisation run with integrity.