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Performances & Workshops

We provide steel pan performances and workshops. Performances are a great way to celebrate events and we perform all genres of music. At our steel pan music workshops people tell us they’ve had fun and feel better for playing together. We see them develop confidence, communication and teamwork.

Even after a one-off workshop your ‘ensemble’ will have learnt new skills whilst building up a team-spirit. Playing music brings people together. We provide & set up all the equipment for workshops and can include African drums and percussion too.

2-hour sessions can be for up to 60 people and up to 270 people for our all day sessions. The workshop includes educational information about the history of steel pan music.

Our tutors are experienced working with disabled and special needs groups of all ages. We run regular community sessions as a FAMILY (Friendly, Accessible, Multicultural, Inclusive, Local, Young at Heart). 

Please contact us if you’re interested in a steelband performance or a steel pan FAMILY workshop in your local area.

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