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Who We Are and What We Do

Empowering Well-being through 'Pan Therapy'

Founded in 2013 by the talented pannist and visionary entrepreneur Shareen Gray, our charity, the Steel Pan Trust, is dedicated to enhancing well-being through the transformative art of steel pan music. Our mission is to spread the joy and therapeutic benefits of 'Pan Therapy' to diverse communities, fostering connections and enriching lives.

Harmonious Beginnings

Our journey began with a resounding desire to nurture young steel pan soloists. The inaugural event, Pan Clash, was the spark that ignited our purpose. Over the course of 15 years, this event evolved into a magnet for emerging talent and gained the sponsorship of the prestigious MOBO Awards. For five years, the MOBO Awards championed young steel pan musicians, breathing life into their dreams.

Enriching Communities Through Music

Steel pan music possesses a unique magic—it's a melody that binds local communities together. For years, we've taken to the streets of the UK, delivering street performance collections that resonate with authenticity. Live performances pulse with an energy recordings can't capture—a symphony of musicians creating in the moment, unfiltered and real. Our interactions in city town centres engage and connect with hundreds, promoting a profound understanding of humanity.

Community Projects That Resonate

Our commitment extends to a tapestry of community projects across the UK, spanning all age groups and abilities. From individuals with special needs and learning difficulties to those navigating mental health challenges and our respected senior citizens, our projects embrace diversity. Moreover, we collaborate with various educational institutions, curating experiences tailored to each community's unique needs.

A Symphony of Participation

Annually, around 10,000 individuals partake in our dynamic activities. The beauty of steel pan music is that one doesn't require sheet music proficiency to embark on this melodious journey. With the guidance of our accomplished pannists, tutors and tuners, participants swiftly progress. We are fortunate to collaborate with these experts who share our passion for bringing music to life.

At Steel Pan Trust, we compose more than melodies; we craft connections, uplift spirits and create bridges between individuals. Join us in the harmonious journey of 'Pan Therapy'—where music isn't just heard, but felt deeply within the heart.

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Our Mission & Values


At the heart of the Steel Pan Trust's mission lies the dedication to preserving the vibrant culture and heritage of the Caribbean. We achieve this through a multifaceted approach of inclusive music workshops, captivating public performances and transformative educational projects.


Fun: we enjoy people being creative, sharing good energy and making time to enjoy music as it improves our wellbeing.

Learning: we support learning and development across all our projects and encouraging the future leaders of the art and culture.

Inclusive: we encourage all ages, races, musical abilities, culture or background, all are welcome to our classes and events.

Innovation: we promote continuous development, bold creativity and positive change.

Collaborative: we believe in listening and evolving together whilst helping each other to achieve a common goal.

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Shareen Gray – Director & Creative Lead

A seasoned small business owner, adept project manager and the visionary founder of Steel Pan Trust. Shareen brings a wealth of experience to the table, backed by a first-class degree in Business Publishing and her role as an Arts Award officer. Her outstanding contributions were recognised in 2015 with The British Association of Steelbands' Outstanding Achievement Award. In 2018, at the International Steelpan Conference, Shareen presented innovative techniques for making music accessible to children and adults with special needs and disabilities.

Edivaldo Reis – Social Media

With a professional background in Marketing, Edivaldo specialises in enhancing companies' social and corporate responsibilities. He has lent his expertise to organisations like Cancer Research and Whizz-Kidz. Edivaldo's insights and strategic approach to social media play a vital role in amplifying Steel Pan Trust's impact.

Cheryl Auguiste – Secretary

A devoted advocate of the Carnival Art form, Cheryl has invested more than 15 years in its enrichment. In the professional realm, she shines as a businesswoman in the health industry. Cheryl's fervent dedication to the steel pan movement is reflected in her authorship of the phrase "Pan Therapy." Her commitment and expertise make her a vital asset to our cause.

Kevin Joseph – Advisor

Kevin boasts a rich professional photography journey spanning two decades. His portfolio features collaborations with renowned names such as Adidas, Puma, Nike, Amazon and more. His lens has captured the essence of these brands, and he's also contributed to established magazines, corporate firms and PR companies. Kevin's advisory role adds a unique perspective to our endeavors.

Together, our trustees bring diverse talents, expertise and a shared passion for enhancing well-being through the power of steel pan music. Their guidance fuels our mission, enriching lives and spreading joy across communities.

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