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Empowering Through Projects: Building Communities with Music

Enriching Thousands Through Music and Engagement

Steel Pan Trust's impact is a symphony of connection and transformation. Every year, we engage with up to 10,000 individuals across the UK through the harmonious blend of music and social activities. Our projects serve as the conduits of change, bringing people together and fostering growth.

Tailored Projects, Meaningful Impact

Our portfolio of projects resonates with the diversity of the communities we touch. Each project is a testament to our commitment to tailored impact, from small-scale endeavors to larger initiatives. One recent success story involved a project that empowered senior citizens to learn and play the steel pan—an endeavor supported by Awards For All. (For detailed insights, refer to the evaluation report below.)

Fostering Harmony, One Class at a Time

In our pursuit of community enrichment, we are honored to have received funding from the Greater London Authority and The Freshwater Foundation in our most recent financial year.

Building on the success of these projects, we have secured additional funding from the Young Ealing Foundation for workshops for children and young people with their families in Northolt, The City Bridge Foundation to continue our projects with Senior Citizens in London and support from Ealing Hounslow CVS for our all-inclusive workshops in Acton.

These partnerships enable us to deliver community steel pan classes in London and the borough of Ealing, spreading the joy of music far and wide.

A World of Possibilities: Accredited Qualifications

We're not just about playing for fun; we're about nurturing growth and learning. Steel Pan Trust believes in the potential of each individual. Accredited qualifications in playing and teaching steel pan open doors to a world of recognition and growth. Partnering with PRSSV, a world music education provider, we offer pathways for individuals and groups to gain recognised/certified qualifications, taking their practice to new heights.

A Call to Collaborate

We extend an open invitation to form arts projects with Steel Pan Trust. The power of interaction within our communities is a potent antidote to challenges like aging and loneliness. Learning a new skill, such as playing the steel pan, is more than just acquiring knowledge—it's boosting confidence, enhancing engagement and fostering resilience. The benefits cascade, alleviating anxiety, depression and stress and replacing them with the joy of creative expression.

Join us in the journey of transformation through music, community and the profound impact of shared artistry.

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Elderly people learn to play steel pan

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Outcomes & Impact

Pannist's Journey: Overcoming Challenges Through Steel Pan

Pannist's Journey: Overcoming Challenges Through Steel Pan

"Before I found steel pan, I was in the grip of depression and anxiety that had clouded over a year of my life. My world felt grey and I struggled to find joy in everyday activities. The weight of my symptoms isolated me, making it hard to go out, meet friends and take care of myself. Slowly, my motivation faded and anxiety took hold, trapping me in isolation."

"Then came steel pan—a haven for stress. As a beginner, I found it remarkably accessible, with instructors who understood my journey. The sessions left me feeling accomplished, invigorated and alive. Steel pan injected a spark back into my life and I left each session with an extra 'pep in my step.' It's a remedy for stress that I'd recommend to anyone seeking an outlet for their struggles."

Head of Music at a Mixed Senior School: Fostering Commitment Through Steel Pan

"Our school's steel band is a testament to dedication. A mix of talents, from level 5 and 6 traditional musicians to those with behavioral challenges, come together with one common commitment—steel pan. The students' enthusiasm is palpable; they work tirelessly for showcases and their devotion is unparalleled."

"The steel band isn't just another musical group; it's the 'go-to' band for events. They're always ready to perform, showcasing not just their musical prowess but their unity and readiness. This band becomes a magnet for recruitment, drawing students who are captivated by the magic of steel pan. It's a musical journey that brings the school community together."

Safeguarding Lead at a Primary School: Empowering Confidence and Focus Through Steel Pan

"In the realm of steel pan, children find more than just music. The showcase becomes a platform for their confidence, a moment to present and witness the brilliance of fellow performers. Beyond the music, steel pan influences behavior in the classroom. The children find focus and concentration, qualities that empower them not just as musicians but as learners."

"For the shy children, steel pan becomes a transformative force. It's not just about the beats; it's about finding their voice, embracing their abilities and breaking barriers of shyness. In this journey of sound, they find their stride and a newfound self-assuredness."

Steel Pan Trust: A Tapestry of Transformation

Through steel pan music, lives are reshaped, challenges are conquered and melodies become beacons of hope. These stories of impact illuminate the profound influence that music, community and connection can have on individuals of all walks of life.

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Monitoring for Positive Impact: A Commitment to Wellbeing and Sustainability

At Steel Pan Trust, our dedication to making a meaningful impact is rooted in effective monitoring and evaluation. As we navigate through the year 2022-2023, we're diligently collecting data on inputs and outputs across all our projects. Our robust monitoring strategy, fortified by the expertise of professional freelancers, ensures that we capture the essence of our endeavors with precision and depth.

A Well-Structured Approach

Our commitment to transparency and accountability drives us to publish our evaluation reports. These reports, meticulously crafted by outsourced professionals, will be unveiled on our website in December 2023. They're a testament to our commitment to sharing the results of our efforts with our community and beyond.

Framing Wellbeing and Sustainability

In the realm of community all-inclusive music workshops, our data collection strategy takes its cue from the Greater London Authority (GLA) wellbeing and sustainability measure. This measure is more than just numbers—it's a reflection of London's essence as a place to live, a yardstick for the residents' collective wellbeing. Developed by GLA's City Intelligence Unit, this framework is a multidimensional view of the aspects that shape our lives, paving the way for betterment and focus on areas that require attention.

A Framework of Meaningful Evaluation

GLA's framework is a result of comprehensive research—evaluating frameworks used in other cities, collaborating with potential users of the measure and engaging deeply with our service users. This ensures that our evaluations align with what truly matters to the people we serve.

A Tapestry of Impact

Our evaluations are carefully tailored to assess accessibility, diverse local services, service quality, community satisfaction, trust in local projects and the preservation of local heritage. These aspects form the canvas on which we paint our impact, ensuring that our services contribute positively to mental health, healthy living and the pursuit of a satisfying life.

As we move forward, guided by our monitoring and evaluation strategy, we're excited to unveil the stories of transformation, empowerment and wellbeing that our efforts have woven into the fabric of our communities.

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