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Performances & Workshops

Elevate Your Event with Music

Experience the enchantment of music at your event through our captivating steel pan performances and engaging workshops. We extend the vibrant melodies of steel pan to various settings including day centers, residential care homes, schools, private functions, community groups and charities, infusing every occasion with the harmonious essence of this unique instrument.

Steelbands: A Melodic Celebration

Our performances are a testament to the power of music as a celebration of life's moments. Beyond being merely music, our steel pan performances transcend genres, crafting a symphony that resonates with all. From community gatherings to weddings, private affairs and corporate functions, our music is a unifying force that creates unforgettable experiences. Featuring a diverse repertoire including popular tracks and reggae, we deliver the best of Caribbean music.

Workshops: Where Joy Meets Learning

Our steel pan music workshops go beyond teaching instruments – they connect souls. As participants collaborate, they discover the joy of teamwork, communication and unity. Confidence flourishes and individuals acquire new skills and a sense of togetherness. Even after a single workshop, your ensemble will carry the bonds they've formed and the skills they've gained. Music, as a unifying force, becomes a conduit for harmony.

We provide all necessary setup and equipment for workshops and can integrate Djembe Drumming and percussion upon request. Accommodating groups of up to 60 in a 2-hour session or up to 270 for an all-day event, our workshops immerse participants in the world of steel pan music while offering educational insights into its rich history.

Our experienced tutors specialise in diverse groups, including those with disabilities and special needs. Our workshops embrace the FAMILY approach—Friendly, Accessible, Multicultural, Inclusive, Local and Young at Heart. It's an inclusive space where music unites.

Ready to infuse your event with the magic of steel pan? Whether through uplifting performances or uniting workshops, we're here to make your event truly extraordinary.

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