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Be the Melody of Change: Make a Donation

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Your Notes of Generosity, Our Symphony of Impact

In the realm of transformation, every note of generosity creates a symphony of change. As a small arts charity, our journey is illuminated by the kindness and support of individuals like you. Your donations are the harmonious chords that keep us moving forward, enabling us to turn every event into a beacon of joy. Our dedicated team of volunteers stands united, propelled by your contributions.

Crafting Inclusion, Weaving Joy

Do you want to contribute to an organisation that weaves the fabric of an inclusive and joyful community? Your financial support becomes the thread that binds us together, resonating with the rhythm of change. The beauty of steel pan music isn't confined to artistic expression; it extends to improved moods, behaviors, communication and relationships.

Steel Pan: A Bridge to Unity

Steel pan music transcends boundaries, a melody that unites individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our charity acts as a bridge to this unity, ensuring that the richness of our multi-cultural society is accessible to everyone.

Each Penny Counts: Your Impact

Your donations have the power to create remarkable change:

  • A donation of £10 brings new life to a set of tipped pan mallets, making a pan sing!

  • £20 provides mallets tailored for a wheelchair user, enabling them to join the ensemble.

  • £50 purchases a folding stand, turning even a small school room into a stage for music.

  • £100 brings forth a pan that's more easily played by someone with profound disabilities.

  • £150 funds a 'retune,' granting an old pan another year of sweet tunes.


Empower Change Through Events

Consider hiring our team of tutors to perform at your event, generating funds for our charity's outreach performances. With each note, you'll be supporting our cause and enriching lives.

The Heart of Our Work: Volunteers and Supporters

Our events and workshops are brought to life through the dedication of our many volunteers. Since 2013, the support of organisations like John Lyon’s Charity, Arts Council England, Awards For All and many others has propelled us forward, shaping the tapestry of our impact.

Be the Change Through Your Generosity

The symphony of transformation begins with you. Your donation isn't just financial; it's the melody of unity, the rhythm of change and the harmony of joy.

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